The E.D.F. Drawing Board
Artist Notes About the Original Ships

A collection of works still in progress

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bit about the designs and drawings.

The David and Pandora are both works in progress...there are a few details that I am not satisfied with...such as the fact that the david looks like a flying brick still...and the pandora needs both a slimer aft section, and beter conning tower. The evolution continues.

The David has under-gone three re-workings since her 'birth' in 1984... originaly, she was even more of a box. And, due to my idiosycracy, there had to be a story around her...not just a drawing. The story has evolved with the drawings ever since.

the original version of David, 1983-84


NO DOUBT...the work will continue to evolve...New ships, new characters to fill them, and give life to them...With all the stars out there, a story comes from every sector.

At present, the story involves most of the century...(2200's) centering around a handful of characters, a Galactic uprising, our sister world and finally, the ironic twist of fate that leads to peace. One of these days, I should write the whole thing out...Until then, the over-view is provided in the folowing pages...A bit of fan fiction that has been worked on off and on for around twenty years.

below, David...1988. This is the first drawing of it's refit. note the thought process.....:)


The New Argo...What will the movie ship look like??

...There's talk of a new "Starblazers" movie made here in the U.S....How will the story change? and...what will the new Argo look like? Well, I can't say for sure...But, IF IT WERE ME....I would invision a sleek, un-cluttered ship...With the ultra-modern streamline look, until battle. Here's were it would get interesting, The ship would have two for cruising, and the other, for defense. All weapons components, turrets, tower, missiles and even Wave motion gun, hidden from view unless needed...then, the ship would "transform" to the more traditional look we all know...

That's just a thought to would both update the visuals, and keep it faithfull to the fans...